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Petite Friture Karaffe Minera

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The carafe Minera evokes nature, the design itself reflecting the essence of flowing water. The thick glass assures solidity whilst making it perfect for holding. Studio NOCC associate a smooth surface with the spout in its crystalised form which animates the flow of water. From a simple proposition, it is a whole vocabulary that flows from this fragile and delicate carafe.

« The Minera carafe is inspired by a smooth pebble on which crystals have accumulated as a geode. When you use Minera, the water contained in the carafe runs along the crystals as a source would spurt out of a cave. The uneven side livens up the flow of the water. It is reminiscent of nature. » Studio NOCC

Technical specifications

materials : Glass
weight : 0,75 kg
Product dimensions : L11xl7,5xH23 cm
Packaging dimensions : 17,5x16x31 cm
Date of creation : 2012

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