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Eric Hibelot Vase Kreise

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With references as obscure as supermarket containers and Japanese embroidery, ceramic artist Eric Hibelot’s work is a response to the mundane replication of mass made vessels. Together with fellow French designer Jean-Marc Fondimare, he founded L’Ateliér des Garcons, a ceramic studio based in the small village of Saint Amand en Puisaye, where he creates deliberately unbalanced receptacles, cheerfully like Culbuto toys.

Working with white porcelain, his gracefully irregular shapes are interplayed with bold primary hues to make winsome artefacts to treasure. Drawn to the graphic side of décor, patterns are textile-inspired, most notably by Sashiko, a very simple form of Japanese embroidery, which lends intricate etchings that are perfect in their imperfection.

Each vase is hand-signitured by the artist.

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